ThermaFlow 700

Unprecedented capabilities in the world’s harshest environments

Work Hotter and Smarter

Monitor Single-Phase Flows at up to 700°C

The ThermaFlow 700 is the only smart flow sensor that can withstand temperatures of up to 700°C in a single easy to install package. This thermal mass flowmeter features a state-of-the-art, high-temperature design that stands out with its ability to operate in extremely corrosive environments. This sensor can quantify coolant flow, as well as indicate off-nominal conditions such as no-flow or dry pipe.

High Temperature

Excellent performance at temperatures of up to 700°C

Corrosive Environments

Engineered for direct immersion in molten salts and other harsh environments


One sensor, one system, one penetration, in-situ operation

Product Features

  • Operates on principle of thermal mass flow
  • Not dependent on system geometry, no pipe required
  • High sensitivity at low flow rates
  • In-situ calibration services for use in unusual conditions
  • Measures flow rate + fluid temperature
    • Onboard temperature compensation
    • Remote electronics with readout
    • Analog and digital outputs
    • Operating pressures up to 2,000 psi
    • Compatible with corrosive fluids, including molten salts


      • Water-Cooled Reactors
      • Molten Salt Reactors
      • Thermal Energy Storage
      • Heat Transfer Fluids
      • Materials Manufacturing and Processing
      • Chemical Processing
      • Oil & Gas
      • R&D

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