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Inertial Sensor

Unprecedented capabilities in the world’s harshest environments

Work Hotter and Smarter

Monitor at temperatures up to 1,000°C

This smart ultra-high-temperature Inertial Sensor operates continuously in extreme conditions up to 1,000°C with a maximum thermal gradient of 20°C per second. This sensor is designed for extremely demanding applications such as monitoring hypersonic vehicles structural health or commercial uses such as turbines and manufacturing. It has inertial loading up to 100 Grms and a frequency response of up to 5kHz. The small size and light weight of the inertial sensor permit installation in tight locations with minimal structural support. The sensors output is provided via Digital Ethernet or Analog 0-5V.

Inertial Sensor

High Temperature

Excellent performance at temperatures of up to 1,000°C

Specialized Environments

Designed for a wide range of applications from hypersonic vehicle monitoring to turbines and manufacturing

Compact Size

Can be installed in tight locations with minimal structural support

Hypersonic & Ground Test Product Features

  • Temperature Range: Up to 1000°C
  • Maximum thermal gradient: Up to 20°C/second possible
  • Inertial loading: Up to 100 Grms
  • Frequency response: Up to 5 kHz
  • Environmental conditions: Nitrogen
  • Mounting Provisions: Threaded stud-mount
  • Cabling: Up to 10 ft. of MI cable; Up to 75 ft. of flex cable
  • Interface: Analog 0-5V out; Digital bus via USB and Ethernet

Commercial Product Features

  • Temperature Range: Up to 800°C
  • Maximum Thermal Gradient: Validated to 12°C/minute
  • Inertial loading: TBD
  • Frequency response: TBD, less than 10 kHz
  • Environmental conditions: Oxidizing, corroding
  • Mounting Provisions: Flanged with through-bolts
  • Cabling: 1 ft. of MI cable; 15 ft. of flex cable
  • Interface: Analog 0-5V out; Digital bus via USB and Ethernet


  • Engine Test Cell Instrumentation
  • Aerospace Turbine Industry
  • Ground Turbine Industry
  • Government Agencies – Navy, Air Force, Army, Nasa, DOE
  • Universities
  • Manufactures of Aircraft and Missiles
  • Automobile and Transportation
  • Energy and Power Generation
  • Steel and Metal Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical and Refining
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Glass and Ceramics Industry
  • Research and Development

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