Unprecedented capabilities in the world’s harshest environments

The ThermIQ range of pressure and flow sensors are engineered to offer unparalleled performance in the most corrosive, high-heat environments.

Work Hotter and Smarter

ThermIQ Products

High-Temperature Pressure and Flow Sensors

SmartCap GT

The only pressure sensor to offer high bandwidth and smart capabilities in extreme high-temperature gas environments up to 850°C

SmartCap IM

The only pressure sensor to offer smart capabilities in corrosive high-temperature liquid environments up to 850°C


The only smart flow sensor that can withstand temperatures of up to 700°C in a single easy to install package

ThermaFlow SP 1000

A smart solid particle and mixed phase flow sensor designed to monitor at temperatures up to 1000°C in demanding applications

SmartCap Level 1000

A smart level or depth sensor designed to operate at temperatures up to 1000°C in extremely demanding applications

Inertial Sensor



The only smart inertial sensor that can operate continuously in extreme conditions up to 1,000°C and is compact enough to fit in tight locations 

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