Plant-Wide and Remote Sensing Solutions

Sporian is a technology leader in high-temperature sensing, low-power field sensing, and edge analysis. Our products bring advanced control, health monitoring, and IIoT capabilities to the most critical industrial assets.

Sporian Microsystems Product Lines

High-Temperature Sensors

The ThermIQ® range of pressure and flow sensors are engineered to offer unparalleled performance in the most corrosive, high-heat environments.

Real-Time Spectral Analyzers

The SpecIQ® range of hyperspectral and Raman spectroscopy sensors are engineered to offer unparalleled levels of information across a wide range of industries.

Low-Power Sensing Systems

Combining Sporian’s ULP+ protocol, ULPCode firmware, and Discrete+ circuit design IP, RemoteIQ™ nodes provide robust condition-monitoring and field sensing capabilities on very low power. The nodes monitor equipment and infrastructure for years without maintenance or battery changes.

Rapid-Detection Water Monitors

WaterIQ™ products use Sporian’s patented optical biosensing technology to bring rapid biological-contaminant detection to plant and rugged remote applications. The products automate many manual monitoring practices for process wastewater, plant cooling water, ballast water, and other flows that can contain potential chemical and microbial content.

Electrical Asset Monitoring Systems

PowerIQ™ electrical power system asset monitoring systems combine Sporian’s ESACode firmware and powerful processing capabilities to bring predictive monitoring to electrical power generation and distribution assets. The products reduce unplanned generator and motor outages by detecting precursors to failure.

Advanced Material Systems

Sporamic™ advanced material systems combine Sporian’s polymer-derived ceramics and advanced manufacturing techniques to enable next-generation advanced materials. The high-temperature PDC materials are corrosion resistant, machinable, and non-friable.