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The MolecuSpec line of sensors leverages Raman spectroscopy to quickly provide highly specific information that can be used to identify and quantify multiple chemical compounds simultaneously. Raman-active species exhibit distinct spectra that provide chemical “fingerprint” information. When combined with advanced machine learning algorithms Raman spectroscopy is ideal for a robust, automated molecular identification system.


Highly specific molecular classification and quantification, replaces multiple sensors with one

Autonomous Operation

User-friendly operation and low maintenance in one convenient device

In Situ

Continuous real-time chemical information and process visibility

Custom Data Processing

Sporian can develop custom algorithms to streamline your specific application

Select Which Model Is Right For Your Needs


The standard temperature MolecuSpec provides real-time process analysis of multiple chemicals, and autonomous function, in one versatile unit.

MolecuSpec 900

The high-temperature MolecuSpec 900 provides real-time process monitoring and analysis capability of multiple chemical compounds at industry leading temperatures of up to 900°C.

Product Use Cases


  • Process characterization
  • High-temperature materials research
  • Catalytic mechanisms/poisoning
  • Nano materials

Metal Making & Processing

  • Process QA/QC
  • Molten salt heat treating contaminants
  • Molten salt dip braze processes
  • Emissions

Concentrating Solar Power

  • Thermal storage/transfer fluids
  • sCO2/Closed cycle working fluids
  • Molten salt stability and corrosion

Glass Manufacturing & Processing

  • Glass production process
  • Ion exchange baths

Fossil Energy

  • Fuel gas composition
  • Closed cycle working fluids
  • Fugitive emissions characterization
  • Carbon capture

Chemical Processing & Manufacturing

  • Process control
  • Polymer synthesis/conversion
  • Extraction/infiltration
  • Waste processing

Oil & Gas

  • Hydrogen/gas blends
  • Fuel gas composition
  • Monitoring of cracking/refining
  • Petrochemical processes

Nuclear Energy

  • Thermal storage/transfer fluids
  • sCO2/Closed cycle working fluids
  • Molten salt stability and corrosion

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