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Unprecedented hyperspectral data capture with the highest spectral range

BroadSpec hyperspectral radiometers deliver an ultra-broad spectral range from 400-2400nm in a single device, along with the highest possible data quality. BroadSpec overcomes prior cost and logistical limitations to provide broad spectral bandwidth at consumer-friendly prices.

Higher Quality Data

More spectral bands and the highest bit depth in its class

Lower Cost

Replace multiple devices with a single system

Ultra Portable

Compact and lightweight with an ultra-long-lasting battery and a single camera

Select which model is right for your needs

BroadSpec Mobile

BroadSpec Mobile is an easy-to-use, ultra-portable solution that offers the highest integrated continuous spectral range in a compact device with extra-long battery life.

BroadSpec Lab

BroadSpec Lab provides information previously unattainable, with a continuous spectral range of 400-2,400nm for user operated applications.

BroadSpec UAS

BroadSpec UAS is an easy-to-use, small UAS-portable solution that offers the highest continuous spectral range in a compact device with extra-long battery life.

Product Use Cases

Precision Agriculture

  • Early detection of crop stress and disease
  • Evaluation of water and nutrient needs
  • Monitoring of pesticide and fertilizer application

Food Processing & Quality Inspection

  • Quality control
  • Foreign materials detection
  • Safety and pathogen detection

Process Control & Materials Identification

  • Machine vision
  • Waste/hazardous materials sorting
  • Construction and demolition materials identification

Earth Sciences & Environmental Monitoring

  • Fire risk assessment
  • Mining and exploration
  • Environmental assessment and pollution
  • Natural disaster surveying


  • Remote sensing
  • Intelligence, reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Corrosion detection and sustainment

Biotech & Medical

  • Plant phenotyping
  • Disease screening
  • Pharmaceuticals examination
  • Lab instrumentation and microscopy

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