Rapid-Detection Water Monitors

Based on Sporian’s patented optical sensing technology, WaterIQ™ water monitors are developed to provide rapid microbe detection in industrial effluents and cooling water. The products operate continuously in-line to automate microbial testing and best monitoring practices in marine, process, power, and other industrial applications. The products deliver results within minutes of exposure, versus days with culture testing, and drive cost savings for the customer by reducing the need for lab services.

These monitoring systems are in development, and Sporian is seeking partners and initial customers to help prove the product in operational environments.

In-Line Microbial Water Monitor Image

In-Line Water Monitor

Developed for plant use, the WaterIQ™ in-line water monitor brings rapid microbial monitoring to process wastewater, ballast water, public drinking water, and other applications. The product reduces the need for labs and enhances safety by taking monitoring from a periodic service to an automated IIoT capability. The monitor outputs to a range of host protocols, and is designed for a nominal flow rate of 1,500 gph and includes capabilities to support rates down to a few gph.

Remote Microbial Water Monitor Image

Remote Water Monitor

The WaterIQ™ remote water monitor is an in-situ biosensing device that continuously monitors remote water infrastructure like cooling tower pools, ballast water tanks, and water treatment ponds for harmful microbes. The product decreases testing costs and improves safety by automating monitoring activities that are presently manual and periodic. Employing Sporian’s ultra-low power ULP+ 802.15.4 protocol, ULPCode firmware, and Discrete+ circuit modules, the device can sense for years without maintenance or battery changes.

 Intelligent Gateway Field Data Processor Image

Intelligent Gateway

The intelligent gateway works as a system with the remote water monitor to alert customers of contaminations in near-real time. The product receives biosensor data wirelessly, bridges Sporian’s ULP+ field protocol to a range of backhaul options, and communicates the data to the host. The product’s powerful edge computing capabilities support a range of environments.