Low-Power Sensing Systems

RemoteIQ™ low-power sensing systems bring condition monitoring and field sensing capabilities where they have not previously been physically or economically viable. Sporian’s protocol, firmware, and circuit designs minimize power consumption in the node, enabling years of operation on a single set of batteries. In the plant and in the field, RemoteIQ™ products deliver long-battery-life monitoring of motor-driven machinery, reciprocating equipment, and industrial infrastructure. Data-logging capabilities support both stationary and mobile applications. Contact us directly to learn more.

Low-Power Condition-Monitoring Sensor Image

WSP Wireless Condition-Monitoring Node

The WSP wireless condition-monitoring node autonomously monitors lightly-attended equipment like motor-driven pumps, compressors, and fans for early signs of mechanical failure. These products bring intelligent, continuous monitoring to remote and plant equipment for years without battery changes, enabling customers to prevent unplanned outages and reduce maintenance. The WSP node executes the entire sensing chain on very low power and size (1.80” x 2.35” x 0.32”) and transmits processed sensor data to the RemoteIQ™ Intelligent Gateway. Enhancements in development will allow the products to support advanced onboard processing operations like FFT analysis.

Low-power Wireless Field Transmitter Image

WSPi Wireless Field Node

The WSPi is an intelligent wireless sensor and field transmitter for remote operations like well sites and natural gas stations. These products can deliver continuous field sensing capabilities for process monitoring and control on very low power, enabling years of operation without a battery change. The WSPi’s stack-on architecture enables the addition of in-development hardware modules post-deployment that deliver data management, legacy sensor interfacing, and processing capabilities.

WASP Wired Condition Monitoring and Field Sensor Image

WASP Wired Multi-Parameter Node

The WASP is a wired condition-monitoring and field sensor for power-constrained applications like large well sites, natural gas gathering and custody stations, remote equipment, and solar-power operations. These products execute the sensing chain and process data at the edge on minimal footprint, reducing the power consumed by sensors and transmitters at these sites. Enhancements in development will allow the products to support advanced onboard processing operations like FFT analysis for equipment monitoring and wireless communications. Contact Sporian to learn more.

Intelligent Gateway Condition Monitoring Processor Image

Intelligent Gateway

The RemoteIQ™ intelligent gateway performs further processing on WSP and WSPi node data, bridges Sporian’s ULP+ field protocol to a range of backhaul options, and communicates the data to the host. The product’s powerful edge computing capabilities support a range of equipment-monitoring and field sensing applications.