Electrical Asset Monitoring Systems

Sporian’s PowerIQ™ product line represents the next generation of condition-based maintenance in electrical industrial assets. Powered by Sporian’s proprietary ESACode™ firmware, the products are being developed to predictively monitor critical generators and motors using electrical signature analysis (ESA). ESA comprises a set of high-frequency analysis techniques that reveal deep insight into both electrical and mechanical component health in these assets. PowerIQ products take ESA from a periodic service to a continuous IIoT capability, reducing downtime for the customer.

These monitoring systems are currently in development, and Sporian is seeking partners and initial customers to help prove the product in operational environments.

Wireless ESANode Condition Monitoring Device Image

Wireless ESANode

The PowerIQ ESANode™ is being developed to improve machine availability by predicting future asset faults and enabling maintenance personnel to rapidly diagnose current ones. These products perform power quality analysis, current and voltage signature analysis, Park’s Vector analysis, and other ESA techniques onboard to continuously monitor generator and motor health. Sporian's ESANode™ for aerospace generators is in later-stage development, with industrial variants for electric motors, diesel gensets, turbogenerators, and local grid equipment in earlier development.

ESAGate Data Communication Network Gateway Image

ESAGate Network Gateway

ESAGate™ is a short-range Wifi gateway that further processes ESANode™ data and communicates it to the host for further analytics. The device acts as an additional node to the PowerIQ™ system, and is equipped with ESANodes™’ processing and analytical capabilities.