Sensors for Industrial Combustion Systems

ThermIQ® high-temperature sensors for industrial combustion systems leverage Sporian’s core technologies to address industrial gas turbines, reciprocating engines, process furnaces, supercritical boilers, and other high-value fired assets. Sporian can support a range of compressor and combustion control development efforts for OEMs, control integrators, and process-facility engineering firms.

These sensors are in late-stage development, and Sporian is seeking partners to help prove the product in operational environments.

High-Temperature Capacitive Gas Pressure Sensor Image

Capacitive Gas Pressure Sensor

The ThermIQ® industrial gas pressure sensor is a high-bandwidth capacitive pressure sensor capable of operating to 850°C. Designed for advanced compressor and combustion control, the product enables improved fuel efficiency in industrial turbomachinery, process furnaces, and other fired assets.

High-Temperature Resistive Gas Flow Sensor Image

Resistive Gas Flow Sensor

The ThermIQ® resistive flow sensor is a gas flow sensor for combustion and process control capable of operation up to 700°C. These sensors are ideal for hot, compressed gas flows, and can improve fuel efficiency and availability in industrial turbomachinery, furnaces, and reaction equipment.

High-Temperature Capacitive Accelerometer Image

Capacitive Accelerometer

The ThermIQ® industrial capacitive accelerometer is developed for bearing and mechanical system monitoring in industrial gas turbines and combustion equipment. The sensor can withstand conditions up to 850°C and provides unmatched insight into mechanical component health.