Sensors for Aerospace Gas Turbines

ThermIQ® high-temperature sensors for aerospace gas turbines are the result of unrivaled OEM collaboration and testing experience. Sporian has worked for >12 years with leading aerospace turbine manufacturers to develop sensors for advanced engine controls and engine health monitoring (EHM) systems. We are uniquely prepared to help OEMs and control integrators support the transition to these capabilities.

These sensors are in late-stage development, and Sporian is seeking partners to help prove the product in operational environments.

High-Temperature Capacitive Gas Pressure Sensor Image

Capacitive Gas Pressure Sensor

The ThermIQ capacitive gas-pressure sensor for aerospace gas turbines is a high-bandwidth, 800°C pressure sensor probe developed specifically for in-situ use in the turbine gas path as part of advanced control systems. The sensor is proven in testing at the compressor discharge, high-pressure turbine inlet and exit, and low-pressure turbine exit.

High-Temperature Capacitive Accelerometer Image

Capacitive Accelerometer

The ThermIQ high-temperature accelerometer for aerospace is developed for bearing monitoring in aerospace EHM applications. The accelerometer can withstand conditions up to 850°C and provides unrivaled insight into mechanical component health in aero turbines.