Hyperspectral Imaging Suite

SpecIQ® real-time hyperspectral imagers are low-cost, rugged, miniature and are designed for use in broad applications. These systems provide broad spectral information for advanced detection, prognostics, and diagnostics while operating autonomously or integrated into an existing system.

By providing a wealth of data in an economic and easy to use package, the system has cross-cutting use in industries including precision agriculture, food processing and quality control, earth sciences, intelligence and surveillance, and process control and materials identification.

These analyzers are in development and Sporian is seeking partners to help prove the products in operational environments.

Hyperspectral Sensor Prototype Device Image

Hyperspectral Imaging Suite

With broader detection range than multispectral suites, Sporian's low-cost, compact hyperspectral sensor's wide spectral range (330-2600nm) and narrow spectral resolution coupled with spatial and temporal information through integrated data processing allows for real-time analysis to support in-situ decision making.

Potential form factors include fixed mount, UAV mount, and handheld.

Brochure (2.4MB PDF)

Application Note - Locating Pecan Weevils (PDF)

Application Note - Wood Waste Sorting (PDF)