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MEMS Design
Sensor Design
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* MEMS-Based Sensors

Sporian Microsystems is currently developing a number of optical and MEMS based sensor technologies. Optically based sensors, including fiber sensors and opto-electronics sensors, are an emerging sensor technology that exhibits: excellent sensitivity, low cost and weight, high manufacturability and packagability, large dynamic ranges, and potential electromagnetic immunity. Optically based s
ensors have been demonstrated in many sensing applications, including: chemical, environmental, and physical sensing. MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanicalal Systems) based sensors leverage established microelectronics fabrication and packaging technology to achieve: cost effective, high volume manufacturing, extremely small size and weight, improved performance and precision, and increased reliability. State-of-the-art MEMS sensors are being used in an ever-increasing array of applications, including sophisticated guidance systems, anti-lock braking systems, homeland security, and medical instruments.

* Sporian Microsystems: Expertise
MEMS SensorsSporian has expertise in the following sensor technologies:

* Optical/Photonics Based Sensors
Environmental Monitoring Multi-Sensors - Inertial
       Shock, Temperature, Humidity etc.  More...

* Biosensors/Immunosensors for Waterborne
       Pathogen Detection  More...
* Ultra-High (1000+ C) Temperature Micro-Sensors More...
* MEMS Based Micro-Sensors
       including Pressure and Temperature
* Novel Sensor Packaging and Component
* Sensors for 'Smart Dust' Applications
* Low Cost, Low Power, Small Size Sensor

* Sporian Microsystems: Services
In addition to our current sensor products, Sporian can selectively offer integrated
research, design, and prototyping services relating to:

* New Sensor Product Development
Device Design, Modeling and Layout
Consultation on Sensor Micro-Fabrication Techniques
* Sensor Packaging Solutions including Package
       Development and Prototyping
* See more about our Services

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