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One of Sporian's core technologies is sensor development. By leveraging the breadth of their experience in MEMS design, optoelectronics, and microelectronics packaging, the Sporian team has a demonstrated ability to create sensor devices capable of sensing a wide range of parameters in a variety of categories including:
MEMS Sensor Development Services
* Physical - Temperature, pressure, mechanical shock, acceleration, etc.
* Chemical - Moisture/water, PH, dissolved gases, volatile organic compounds, etc.
* Biological - Pathogens such as E. Coli, Cholera, Giardia, etc.

Making use of MEMS, optics, biological, and nanotechnology techniques and principles, the Sporian team has the ability to develop sensors for an incredibly wide range of applications, capable of operating in a variety of environments.

Given your sensor requirements, Sporian's engineers can support your sensor development efforts by completing:

* Sensor Design
* Sensor Prototyping
* Sensor Test and Characterization
* Sensor Package Development

Whether your requirements call for a single, stand-alone, low power, low cost sensor with electrical outputs, or something more elaborate, Sporian's engineers can tackle you challenging sensor development projects. We have the ability to deliver solutions that call for sensor arrays housed in a single package, optical fiber-based sensors, or low power consumption devices that are well suited to wireless sensor networks. We even have experience with high temperature sensors that can operate at 1400 degrees C!  Whatever your sensor requirements, Sporian can help deliver a solution.

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