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Physical Environment Sensors
3-Axis Accelerometer Inertial Shock SensorSporian offers physical environment sensors, sensor suites, and wireless sensor networks. The AssetOverseer® line senses parameters including temperature, humidity, 3-axis inertial shock, and various chemical species. The Sporian sensors push the envelope of packaging integration to realize very small, low power, low cost components without compromising performance. More...

Biological and Chemical Sensors
Biosensors for Biological or Chemical Pathogen Detection Sporian Microsystems is currently developing a number of products for the detection of biological and chemical pathogens. Sporian's sensors take real time in-situ measurements, with very high specificity, and generate either a concentration level or an alarm signal upon detection. More...

High Temperature (1000+ Celsius) Sensors
High Temperature and Pressure Sensor and Probe Sporian is currently developing a number of high temperature (1000+ Celsius) micro-sensor products, capable of operation in highly caustic environments at above 1000 degrees Celsius, using an in-house ceramic micro-fabrication technology. This includes essential temperature and pressure sensors for the energy generation industry systems, such as gas turbine applications, where ultra high temperature environments are common. In addition to having a higher operational temperature range than existing comparable sensor products, Sporian's sensors have a significant size, lifetime, and cost advantage. More...

Sensor Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks
AssetOverseer(R) Wireless Sensor Network Sensors integrated into warehouses, machinery, drinking water supplies, health care devices, and throughout the environment coupled with the efficient delivery of the sensed information can provide an enormous benefit to users. Sporian Microsystems is developing an M2M wireless sensor network to perform in conjunction with our sensor technology offerings. The network takes advantage of Sporian's low power sensors and is designed to be: scalable, use very little power in transmitting, programmable, reliable and accurate over the long term, easy to deploy, low cost and require minimal maintenance. More...

Solder Self Assembly Technology and Process  
Solder Self AssemblySolder self-assembly is a unique and ingenious use of solder to "self-assemble" two-dimensional Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) structures into useful three-dimensional structures. With this combined joining and assembly approach, the surface tension forces in molten solder serve to assemble the individual parts of each structure. Upon solidification of the solder, the individual parts of the structure are permanently and reliably joined. Using this technology, precise assembly actions can be performed simultaneously with a single re-flow process. The technology has been demonstrated and we are actively seeking customers to incorporate the technology in their applications. More...

Fiber Optic Alignment Devices
Sporian has developed a number of novel, MEMS based, fiber optic alignment devices for accurately aligning/coupling optical components including fiber to fiber and source to fiber coupling. After alignment, the device becomes a passive component in the customer's optical assembly, and can greatly reduce alignment time and cost in a manufacturing environment. The technology has been demonstrated and is in the development phase, and Sporian is actively seeking customers to incorporate the technology in their applications.

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