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Boulder County Business Report

Sporian Microsystems Honored for Innovation at
Boulder County Business Report's IQ Awards

The Boulder County Business Report (BCBR) announced winners for its annual Innovation Quotient (IQ) Awards, and Sporian Microsystems was selected in the Hardware category for its AssetOverseer® HT-1000 family of sensors for energy and propulsion applications. The HT-1000 family is a suite of sensors that withstand ultra-high temperatures over 1000oC and corrosive environments. These sensors can be used to increase fuel efficiency in turbine engines.

"2012 has been a strong year," said Dr. Michael Usrey of Sporian. "We've had important milestones this year including our first extended engine test, our first exports, and opportunities to extend application of this technology to nuclear and solar power. The BCBR IQ award is a nice way to recognize our team's achievements."

This year, BCBR received numerous nominations from companies in the Boulder Valley and selected three finalists in each of six business categories. Winning companies were announced live at BCBR's 13th annual IQ Awards for innovation at the Boulder Theater.

"Innovation in the Boulder Valley is stronger and more exciting than it's ever been," said Christopher Wood, publisher of the Boulder County Business Report. "We are extremely pleased to once again honor the most innovative products and services in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Our judges spent many hours reviewing all the nominations, and we feel that they've come up with an incredible list of winners."

ABOUT SPORIAN: Sporian Microsystems, Inc. develops, markets, manufactures and sells a family of novel sensors, multiple sensor-suites, sensor-subsystems and sensor data-loggers. These systems communicate via wireless and wired interconnects, and they deliver several key features including small size, weight and power (SWaP) consumption and low cost. The company owns deep technical, marketing and managerial talent and a strong, differentiated intellectual property and patent base. Sporian is pursuing a product development roadmap that includes four interrelated product lines:
* Environmental sensors including such parameters as temperature, vibration, humidity, and shock
* Biological and chemical sensors for environmental contaminant and serum pathogen detection
* Sensors, coatings and packaging for harsh, high temperature and pressure environments
* Systems to integrate sensors with signal processing, data logging, wired and wireless communications, and interface software.

For more information visit www.sporian.com or call 303-516-9075 X 19.

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