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MEMS Self AssemblySolder self-assembly of MEMS is a unique and ingenious use of solder to "self-assemble" two-dimensional surface micro-machined Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) structures into useful three-dimensional structures. With this combined joining and assembly approach, the surface tension forces in molten solder serve to assemble the individual parts of each structure. Upon solidification of the solder, the individual parts of the structure are permanently and reliably joined. Using this technology, thousands of precise assembly actions can be performed simultaneously with a single batch re-flow process.

This concept is the next step in the evolution of MEMS assembly and overcomes the problems associated with previously tried methods that tend to work well in a lab setting, but are doomed to fail in production. For example, manually assembling MEMS devices with microprobes results in unacceptably high rates of damage to parts, not to mention the time required to assemble a single device, regardless of what the device is. Assembling MEMS with "on-chip" assembly mechanisms is inefficient for two reasons: (1) the assembly mechanism represents inefficient use of valuable real-estate on the die, and (2) the electrically actuated assembly mechanisms require their own electrical I/O - something that may be unacceptable at the next level of assembly.

Sporian Microsystems, Inc. has extensive experience designing MEMS and optimizing the solder self-assembly process to ensure successful results with a wide range of device applications and configurations. To learn more about solder self assembly and how it may solve your difficult MEMS design problem, please
contact us.

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