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MEMS PackagingOne of Sporian Microsystems' primary strengths is its ability to provide novel, yet cost effective and manufacturable, MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical Systems) and opto-electronics packaging solutions. While the MEMS devices themselves have matured significantly over the last decade to become commonplace products, packaging of these devices is a significant technical barrier, and has not been addressed thoroughly. Due to the extreme number of device types, of manufacturing technologies, of geometries and sensing/actuating concepts, MEMS packaging problems often require a significant level of customization. While opto-electronics packaging (the integration of optical, opto-electronic, and electronics components) includes a very wide range of established components, technologies, and applications, it too commonly requires a significant level of application specific customization. This customization can lead to the cost and effort for the packaging and interconnect outweighing the device/component cost by several orders of magnitude. Inefficient package design only makes this problem more severe.

Visit our MEMS Packaging Forum for a full discussion of MEMS Packaging issues.

* Sporian Microsystems: Expretise
Sporian has expertise in the following MEMS and opto-electronics packaging technologies:

* Optical Sensor Packaging
* Opto-Electronic Subassembly Design
* Flip Chip
* Passive Solder Self-Alignment
* Multi-Chip Modules - FCPs or MCMs

* Sporian Microsystems: Services
Sporian can selectively offer integrated research, design, and prototyping services relating to:

* New Package Development and Prototyping
       * Visit our MEMS Packaging Forum
* Package Design, Modeling, and Layout
* Consultation on Packaging Techniques and
* Novel Packaging Solutions including Package
       Development and Prototyping
* See more about our Services

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