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MEMS Design
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* MEMS - Micro Electromechanical Systems
MEMSPut simply, MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical Systems) are extremely small devices utilizing both electrical and mechanical properties. They combine computing/logic circuitry with tiny mechanical devices such as sensors, valves, gears, mirrors, and actuators integrated on semiconductor chips. MEMS promise to revolutionize nearly every product category by bringing together microelectronics with micromachining technology, making possible the realization of complete systems-on-a-chip. MEMS is an enabling technology allowing the development of smart products, augmenting the computational ability of microelectronics with the sensing and control capabilities of micro-sensors and micro-actuators and expanding the range of possible designs and applications. Because MEMS devices are manufactured using batch fabrication techniques similar to those used for integrated circuits, unprecedented levels of functionality, reliability, integration, and sophistication can be placed on a small chip at a relatively low cost.

* Sporian Microsystems: Expertise
MEMSSporian has expertise in the following MEMS technologies:

* Optical MEMS (MOEMS) Devices including:
       * Optical Switching
       * Beam Steering
       * Source-to-Target Alignment
* Environmental Multi-Sensors including:  More...
       * Shock
       * Pressure
Humidity and Temperature 
* Ultra-Miniature Sensors for Smart Dust Systems
BioMEMS Sensors for Biological/Chemical Pathogens More...
*High Temperature MEMS Devices  More...
* Ceramic MEMS
* MEMS Packaging More...
* MEMS Self Assembly  More...
* Novel/Complex MEMS Designs
SU8 Polymer Structures  More...
       * Visit our SU8 Forum

* Sporian Microsystems: Services
Sporian can selectively offer integrated research, design, and prototyping services relating to:

* New MEMS Product Development
* Device Design, Modeling and Layout
* Consultation on MEMS Micro-Fabrication
* MEMS Packaging Solutions including Prototyping
       and Development
* See more about our Services

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