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In electronics, including microelectronics, optoelectronics, and MEMS, packaging serves the sometimes competing functions of providing protection to the device from the external world as well as providing signal paths to the device, be they electrical, optical, mechanical, fluid, biological, etc. Device packaging, if not designed properly, can limit device performance and reliability. It can also represent a major portion of the total cost to produce a packaged device if not given due consideration.

Sporian's microelectronics and MEMS design team has experience with a truly broad range of advanced electronic packaging projects, from highly advanced optoelectronic communications modules to challenging RF and optical MEMS devices to cutting edge optical sensor devices to tightly integrated multi chip modules (MCMs) employing optoelectronic, MEMS, and CMOS devices. This breadth of experience combined with a strong understanding of a wide variety of common and not-so-common packaging techniques, equipment, materials, and fabrication processes gives the Sporian team the tools needed to successfully tackle the most demanding electronics packaging project. Whether your project includes MEMS devices, optoelectronics, fluid interfaces, challenging thermal management issues, controlled package environments like vacuum or gas mixtures, precise alignments of components, or all of the above, Sporian's engineers have the experience and creativity to deliver a successful and manufacturable solution to your advanced packaging problems.

Sporian can offer a wide range of packaging services including integrated research, design, and prototyping services relating to:

* New package development and prototyping
* Package design, modeling, and layout
* Consultation on packaging techniques and technologies
* Novel packaging schemes and solutions

Please contact the Sporian Packaging team at
info@sporian.com to learn how they can solve your challenging packaging problem.

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