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Biosensors for Biological or Chemical Pathogen Detection
Sporian Microsystems is developing a number of biosensor products for the detection of biological and chemical pathogens. One such sensor in the BioOverseer® line is a very small multi-sensor for the detection of waterborne pathogens, including Cholera, Giardia, and E. Coli. State of the art techniques for the definitive detection of biological pathogens in water requires water samples to be taken to a lab, requiring long turn around times, and high costs. Sporian's sensors take real time in-situ measurements, with very high specificity, and generate an alarm signal upon detection. The alarm is transmitted wirelessly using buoy and gateway technology developed at Sporian. While the existing sensor products under development at Sporian target a specific group of pathogens, other pathogens of interest can be detected by leveraging the same fundamental, patented technology.

The BioOverseer® handheld detects gram positive and gram negative bacterial contamination. The unit allows a sample of fluid to be placed a low cost, disposable/recyclable, sample container with integrated molecular detection element and quickly (minutes) analyzed. The sample container can then be removed, disposed of, and replaced with a new sample container for further sample testing.

Please contact us with additional pathogen detection requests.
Network Gateway, Wireless Buoy, and In-Situ Biosensors for Biological or Chemical Pathogen Detection Portable Biosensors for Biological or Chemical Pathogen Detection

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